Privacy Policy

Last Updated: January 1, 2021

This Privacy Policy explains the information that WeWiz Software Co.,Ltd. ("WeWiz Software Co.,Ltd.,", "we", or "us") collects from users of the Teamdoor website ("Website"), how we use such information, and with whom we share it. If we make any material changes to our privacy practices, we will post a revised Privacy Policy on this page, and you and your authorized account actual operator (hereinafter referred to as "you", that is, Teamdoor users, including your authorized actual system operators) agree that you are obligated to regularly visit our Website for all updates to this Privacy Policy. If you have any questions, please contact us by sending an email to

This Privacy Policy is read in conjunction with and is deemed incorporated by reference, to be part of the Terms of Service. Accordingly, if you use Teamdoor, you must agree with the terms and conditions set out herein this Privacy Policy, and the terms and conditions herein this Privacy Policy shall constitute a binding and enforceable agreement against you. In the event that you do not agree with any provision herein this Privacy Policy, please immediately cease all use of Teamdoor.

1. Types of Data Collected


When you visit, access, or use Teamdoor, we collect the personal data of yours or input to Teamdoor by you (collectively "Personal Data") and Anonymised Data. You hereby warrant before your use of Teamdoor to input information relating to third party personal data (such as resumes provided by your job applicant), you have informed the foregoing personal data providers about the purpose and categories (types) of the personal information that you collects, process and use of such personal data, and you further warrant that before the use of our system, the measures adopted for collecting, processing and using personal data are in compliance with local personal data protection laws and other relevant regulations. Once you use Teamdoor to upload or input materials, you warrant that you have implemented the obligation of informing third party personal date providers who have collected your resume, including but not limited to personal data collection, processing, utilization, restriction processing, deletion rights, etc.. Any disputes arising from any fault of collection, processing and use of personal data between you and any third party personal data provider, you shall seek dispute resolutions by yourself and indemnify to hold us from any legal liability/responsibility.


"Personal Data" refers to information with personal identifiers that can be used separately or collectively to identify an individual, such as name, address, ID number, mobile number, email address, birth date, gender, income range, residency status, and credit card details, but excludes information that is available in the public domain, and includes personal data of yours or of third party individuals' input to Teamdoor by you. And under the Taiwan Personal Data Protection Act, we may collect Personal Data as the classifications below:

  1. C001 Type for identifying individuals, C002 Type for identifying finance, C003 Type for identifying in government data;
  2. C011 Individual description, C012 Physical description, C013 Habit, C014 Characteristic;
  3. C021 Family, C022 History of marriage, C023 Details about other family member, C024 Other social relations;
  4. C031 Residence and facilities, C032 Properties, C033 Immigration, C034 Travel and other migration, C035 Recreational activities and interests, C038 Occupation, C039 Licences or other permissions;
  5. C051 Schools record, C052 Qualification or technique, C053 Membership of occupation Associations, C054 Occupation expertise, C055 Membership of committees, C056 Works, C057 Record of students, apprentices, Examinees;
  6. C061 Current status of employment, C062 Employment experiences, C063 Leave office, C064 Working experiences, C065 Working or missions record, C066 Record of health and safety, C067 Membership of the labor union and prerequisite for the employees; C068 Salaries and withholding amount, C069 Property held by employee, C070 Details of working managements, C071 Detailed evaluation of work, C072 Educational and training record, C073 Details concerning security;
  7. C081 Earning, income, property and investment, C087 Subsidies, welfares, donations, C088 Details concerning insurance, C089 Social insurance benefits, veterans care benefits or any other retirement benefits, C091 Goods or services obtained by data subject;
  8. C101 Data subject's business activities, C102 Agreement or contract, C103 License relating to business, C111 Record of health, C131 Research of paper documents, C132 Data unclassified.


"Anonymised Data" refers to information that is not associated with or linked to your Personal Data and cannot be used to identify individual persons.

2. Information that We Collect Automatically


When you use Teamdoor, we automatically collect and store information about your computer Or a mobile device and your activities. This information includes:

  1. Your mobile device's unique ID number.
  2. Your mobile device's geographic location while the is actively running
  3. Your computer's IP address.
  4. Technical information about your computer or mobile device (such as type of device, web browser or operating system).
  5. Your preferences and settings (time zone, language, privacy preferences, product preferences, etc.).
  6. The URL of the last web page you visited before coming to our Website or one of our other related websites.
  7. The buttons, controls and ads you clicked on (if any).
  8. How long you used Teamdoor and which services and features you used.
  9. The online or offline status of Teamdoor.
  10. External system account information (such as google account and calendar access) connected to the Teamdoor service.


We allow third-party analytics companies to use tracking technologies to collect Anonymised about our users' computers or mobile devices and their online activities. These companies analyze this information to help us understand how Teamdoor and our related websites are being used. Analytics companies may use mobile device IDs, as described in the paragraph below ("Mobile device IDs").

Mobile device IDs: In order to recognize you, store your preferences, and track your use of Teamdoor; we may store your Mobile device IDs (the unique identifier assigned to a device by the manufacturer) when you use the Unlike cookies, Mobile device IDs cannot be deleted.

What we don't share: We do not provide third parties analytics companies with Personal Data, including name, address, email address, or phone number.


We may publicly disclose aggregated information that is Anonymised Data about our users, such as the total number of our users and their overall demographics.

3. Information You choose to Provide (Information you share with us)

A) Registration and Profile


In order to register for an account to use Teamdoor Agile Application Tracking System, you will be asked to fill out the registration form to gain access to and access to Teamdoor. Please note that if you do so, it indicates you authorize us to access/contact and obtain all the information you have filled in your registered form.


Whenever you voluntarily disclose Personal Data on publicly-viewable screens or pages, that information will be publicly available and can be collected and used by others. For example, if you post your email address, you may receive unsolicited messages. We cannot control who reads your posting or what other users may do with the information you voluntarily post,so we encourage you to exercise discretion and caution with respect to your Personal Data in public domain.


Accordingly, you hereby confirm that you grant your specific informed consent to our collection, use, retention, sharing, disclosure and/or transfer of your Personal Data as provided to us pursuant to clauses 3.1 to 3.2 above.


If you wish, we will delete your account information; to do so, please close your account by sending an email to (email address:

B) Third-Party Sites, Mobile Applications


Teamdoor may contain hyperlinks to websites or mobile applications operated by third parties. Such third-party websites or mobile applications are not governed by our Terms of Service or Privacy Policy. We are not responsible for the privacy policies or data security of such third-party websites or mobile applications, whether or not the third party is a co-brand of our company name or logo, or whether the third party's goods or services are displayed on the Teamdoor Agile Application Tracking System. As such, we strongly advise you to learn about the privacy policies of these third parties before accessing their websites or applications or using any of their services or products, and to be careful about providing any Personal Data to them. You agree that WeWiz Software Co., Ltd. shall not be liable for any acts or omissions of the aforesaid third parties or any loss or damage that you may suffer due to your use or access of such third party websites, applications, services and products.


As Teamdoor's services include authorizing you to post messages on the social media website via the Teamdoor service system for talent recruitment and resume filling, Teamdoor may obtain your account information on the social media site due to your use of certain features of the social media site. The information we collect is available in the public domain as it is publicly available on the social media site. If you do not want us to collect your information from such a social media site, please

  1. do not use this social media site to post information about services provided by Teamdoor;
  2. Adjust your settings on such social media sites to avoid sharing information with Teamdoor.

Please note that Teamdoor has no control over the social media site and shall not be responsible for the sharing of your information by the social media site.

4. Collection and Storage of third party personal data

When you use Teamdoor service, or post the link of the resumes filling form on a third-party website/platform, we may collect and store the third party individuals’ (e.g. job seeker) resumes and contact information by your use of Teamdoor. However, you agree and understand that Teamdoor may provide services in connection with other third party websites (such as Human Resources website, Job Board websites) which might not be operated and manage by us in the future, the personal resumes inputted by you to Teamdoor may share/use it with such third party websites that Teamdoor cooperates/links with. Therefore, when collecting personal information from third party individuals (job seekers), you are obliged to explicitly notify such party individuals of the collection, storage and possible future sharing/use of the materials described in this section. If you have any disputes with third party individuals because you have not fulfilled your obligation to inform them the aforementioned matter clearly, we shall not be responsible for such dispute at any level.

5. The Scope of Use to your Information (including Personal Data)


We use your information you provide to us to provide Teamdoor to you, supply and improve our services, better understand our users, diagnose and fix problems, including but not limited to the service of Recruitment Pipeline, Resume Preview and Gmail Integration, Google Calendar Integration, Resume Collector and Analytics, Career Page Builder, CVS Export, and future cooperation with Job Board websites. In the event that you are not agreeing to any of the foregoing uses of your information, please email us your specific objections to (email address:, otherwise you will be deemed agreeing to such use of your information.

6. Use of Your Information by Others


For the purpose of providing Teamdoor and our other services to you (as well as services of Yourator) to enhance your experience with our talent recruitment and resume management system-related services, may use third-party service providers/third party websites and introduce the participation of our related companies in the future. We may share user information (including your Personal Data) with the foregoing third-party service providers and our related entities for various reasons as described below in Section 6.2. What information we make available to our third-party service providers depends on the nature of our relationships with them. Please do not worried that our third party service providers are carefully selected and are bound (whether at law or in the contract) by obligations of confidentiality and data protection similar to the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act ("PDPA").


We may need to disclose your Personal Data or the personal data input by you to Teamdoor to:

  1. third party service providers in order to assist us to facilitate your access and use of Teamdoor, for us to contact you as you may have requested via Teamdoor and/or email, for us to provide you with updates in relation to Teamdoor and its promotions (including third party related promotions), for us to maintain and update your records to ensure that you receive the benefits of using Teamdoor, for us to update any balance of credits that you may have associated with your account, and for us to provide you with any other perks accompanying your participation in our loyalty programme and/or promotional campaigns. The aforesaid third-party service providers have a contract with us to perform the services necessary for you to use Teamdoor, our services, and receive updates thereto, and such third party service providers therefore include but is not limited to web host companies, website maintenance companies, mobile applications’ maintenance companies, database storage companies, loyalty program service providers, telecommunications companies, companies that assist in performing mass mailing on our behalf, etc.;
  2. third party online payment processing companies who will process your subscription and/or other payments so that you can subscribe to the Teamdoor Agile Application Tracking System and/or make any related purchases;
  3. our related entities in order for them to offer their services to you as set out in Section 5;
  4. our accountant, accounting firms, audit firms, law firms and/or other professional advisory firms who are maintaining our records in accordance with legal requirements;
  5. governmental, regulatory or law enforcement bodies which have a legal right to demand for your Personal Data, in response to a legal request such as a Court order, to investigate or report illegal activity, or to enforce our rights or defend claims;
  6. financial institutions, banks, online payment service providers, credit card associations, credit bureaus, and other third parties whose services are required in order for you to make any online payment for in-app or online purchases;
  7. credit bureaus, credit rating agencies and fraud preventing companies for the purpose of minimizing fraudulent activities via your Personal Data (which may include information pertaining to your credit cards); and
  8. our affiliated or related companies and/or third parties to whom we may sell, divest, transfer, assign, share or otherwise engage in a transaction that involves, some or all of WeWiz Software Co.,Ltd.’s assets (which may include your Personal Data), in the course of a corporate divestiture, corporate restructuring, merger, acquisition, joint venture, bankruptcy, dissolution, reorganisation, or any other similar transaction or proceeding.


According to the Taiwan Personal Data Protection Act, you hereby agree we shall be entitled to use Personal Data for the following purposes:

  1. 001 Life and Health Insurance
  2. 002 Human Resource Management (including recruitment, separation, employee profile, current position, education, working experience, examination distribution, long term learning, training and development, performance management, verify the qualification, compensation, attendance record, benefit, Deprived of civil rights, special check, and other personnel managements)
  3. 003 Entry and departure & immigration
  4. 005 Engineering Technical Services Management
  5. 008 Small and medium enterprises and other industries assistance
  6. 020 Agency and brokerage business
  7. 031 National health insurance, labor insurance, farmers insurance, national pension insurance or other social insurance
  8. 040 Marketing (including financial cross-selling business)
  9. 063 Non-government agency collect or process personal information under legal obligations
  10. 069 Contract, contract-like or other legal relation matters
  11. 078 Plan, control, evaluation and other research and evaluation management
  12. 081 Legal transaction business for personal data
  13. 090 Consumer, Customer Management and Service
  14. 091 Consumer Protection
  15. 098 Business and Technical Information
  16. 099 Domestic and overseas interchange business
  17. 114 Labor Administration
  18. 117 Job placement, planning and management
  19. 118 Intellectual property rights, the disc management and other related administrative
  20. 143 Sports and Recreation Business
  21. 145 Employment & service administration
  22. 148 Internet shopping and other electronic commerce services
  23. 152 Advertisement or commercial behaviour administration
  24. 176 Other natural persons based on the legitimacy of the purpose of the processing and use of personal information collected
  25. 182 Other Consulting and Consultant Services


Except as provided herein Section 6, we do not sell, rent, licence or otherwise disclose your Personal Information to third parties or our affiliated companies. We are careful in our selection of third party service providers, and all such third party service providers as well as our abovementioned affiliated companies are bound by obligations of data protection (pursuant to contracts and/or applicable laws) similar to the obligations herein this Privacy Policy.

7. Your Consent


Based on the information that we have provided herein this Privacy Policy, you agree that by using Teamdoor, you hereby grant your specific informed consent to our collection, use, retention, disclosure and transfer of your Personal Data as set out in Sections 2 to 6 above.


You may, at any time, withdraw your consent to our use, retention, disclosure or transfer of your Personal Data pursuant to this Privacy Policy by email to us (email address: However, please note that any such withdrawal of consent may result in the discontinuous to providing our services or fulfilling our contractual obligations with you, including but not limited to termination of your access to Teamdoor (and therefore termination of any credits in your Teamdoor account), termination of any loyalty programme benefits that would otherwise have been available to you, inability to provide you with the opportunity to participate in promotions, and inability to fulfil any purchase orders that you may have submitted to or through Teamdoor. Accordingly, your withdrawal of consent may also lead to the termination of any contract(s) that you may have with WeWiz Software Co.,Ltd., as well as terminate your collection of resume and information of recruiting of talents to third parties via Teamdoor thereto. In this regard, Teamdoor reserves the right to claim for damages due to your withdraw of consent.

8. Access and Correction of Personal Data


You can access, update or correct the personal data we hold at any time by logging into the Teamdoor Agile Application Tracking System or by email.


There will be no administrative fees or other charges levied for any request to correct or update your Personal Data at this stage. In order to provide better service to you, we reserve the right to change the service plan and propose payment plans in the future. If your requests are outside of any corrections or changes to Personal Data, such as obtaining your personal data held by us (not obtained through Teamdoor), to provide you with a comprehensive service, these requests may be changed to the content of the payment plan in the future, we will charge you a reasonable administrative fee depending on the payment plan we shall announce in the future. In the above-mentioned changes to the payment plan, we will notify you in writing, and you will only charge after we obtain a written consent from you of the change of payment plan. However, if your request has become the content of the updated payment plan when you file it, and you refuse to change to a updated payment plan, we are thus not responsible for fulfilling your such requests. Please refer to our Terms of Service for the remaining rules of the payment plan changes.


Should you have any queries or complaints pertaining to this Privacy Policy, our Terms of Service, your Personal Data as registered with us, or in relation to our use, retention, disclosure or transfer of your Personal Data, or should you desire to learn more about our data protection policies and security measures, please contact us via email (email address:

9. Data Provider's Right


Right to delete: You are entitled to ask us to delete any Personal Data.


Process Limitation: You are entitled to ask us to stop processing all or part of the Personal Data permanently.


Right to refusal: If you agree to our use of your information, you have the right to object to our processing of your/third party individuals' personal information at any time based on your or the special circumstances of the third party through which you import personal data; if you wish to exercise your right of refusal, you can use the system settings adjustments or contact us by email to the email address set out in Section 9.5.


Right to data portability: You have the right to request a copy of your personal data in electronic format and to request the transfer of personal data for use by another party's services, but you may be required to pay for the cost and administrative fees of our assistance.


For the exercise of the relevant rights of this Section 9, you can contact us via the website or by email (email address:


The personal data collected by the Company is controlled by us, should you have any questions or complaint concerning our Terms of Service or Privacy Policy, or the Personal Date you input or input by you from a third party individual, please contact our data protection officer via email (email address:

10. Security Measures for Protection of Personal Data


We ensure that Teamdoor is protected by reasonable security measures afforded by current technology, and that all our data hosts and servers are similarly protected by such security measures, including but not limited to firewalls.


We adopt strict policy restrictions and only authorized personnel can obtain the necessary personal data.


Minor's privacy.We are not able to confirm whether the third party individuals who fill out the resume form of submitted resumes through via the hyperlink provided by Teamdoor has reach to the age of 20. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to ensure that the minor does not provide personal information or enter into a contract with others without the consent of the parent or guardian. If we learn that minors under the age of 20 do not provide personal information without the consent of their parents or guardians, we will delete the records.

11. International transmission of Personal Data

You agree and understand that as a user of Teamdoor, we need to transfer your personal data to Taiwan, Japan or Singapore in order to assist us in achieving the purpose and activities of this Privacy Policy and to provide the most comprehensive services. You agree for us to collect, use and transmit such personal data to Taiwan, Japan or Singapore. You understand that we will take appropriate protective measures to protect your information whether it is transmitted to Taiwan, Japan or Singapore.

12. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy are governed by the laws of Republic of China (Taiwan). In the event of any disputes arising from this Privacy Policy and/or your use of Teamdoor, you shall use your best endeavours to amicably settle any dispute in good faith. We on our part will also use our best endeavours to amicably settle your concerns in good faith. However, if no amicable resolution is reached within 30 days, you agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Taiwan Taipei District Court.

13. Amendment to Privacy Policy

You understand and agree that we may revise our privacy policy by ourselves. The relevant amendments will be announced on this website, or we will notify all users by announcement or email. Please pay close attention to protect your personal rights. By continuously use Teamdoor or the website services it is affiliated with after any modification or modification of the Privacy Policy, it indicates that you have read, understood and agreed to accept the modifications or changes to the Privacy Policy.